3D Printing Stratasys Ltd Financial quantitative Analysis


3D Printing Stratasys Ltd Financial quantitative Analysis
Before starting this, Please Please, look over the two attachments provided. I have worked with writers in the past who did not and had to have several revisions.

This is an Financial analysis of Stratasys ltd looking at two major factors, Total Assets, and Current Ratio. It needs to be supported by relevant information over the last 3 years that overall illustrates company position. No recommendation is needed to be made, just facts and news. Is the company effectively executing their strategy from research? Can be found using databases such as mergent, fictiva,,and investext.

Diverse aspects of companies health-

Attachment 1 – has an example of two financial components of company assessed in the form that the boss considers A paper work. The analysis should resemble this directly

Attachment 2- Specifically references Quantitative Analysis. It is very simple. A similar table could be made and used for Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS)

Mergent, Investext, and Factiva are INCREDIBLY HELPFUL when researching financials.

The Quantitative Analysis section should provide financial information and other data appropriate to your company and its industry which helps you achieve the purpose.

You must include a trend analysis drawing from 3 years of company financial statements. Use a broad range of indicators: raw numbers, ratios, stock performance, and industry or competition figures. These indicators should assess diverse aspects of a company’s financial health.

You should also include data that provides insight into how well the company is executing its strategy.

How well is Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) Executing its strategy?
You should provide charts/tables AND a written explanation of the relevant figures in the chart or table.

Your financial analysis section should be 2-3 pages (single-spaced with double-spacing between paragraphs).

What does this say about Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS)? over the last 3 years? are they executing their strategy effectively?


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