Four Things About Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

This a discussion on different aspects of breaking bad the TV series. It can help give an insight and  an understanding on the series better and assist is writing an essay on the TV series.breaking bad image for essay sample by essaywritingacer


The main theme

The most conspicuous topic all through Breaking Bad is: that actions have consequences. This is seen plainly and conspicuously in each season of the series. Walter’s commitment to cooking meth causes family issues as his child, and spouse betrays him. Hank’s huge craving to catch Heisenberg prompts his sad ruin. Walter’s mercilessness to keep his medication activities and empire alive and relentless prompts numerous individuals, going from drug kingpins, hitmen, and even lawyers, to be killed without a second thought. These are just a couple of case of how every action made by a man resounds and causes a result. Another theme in the series is Morality which is not clear among the characters of the film. Each character’s ethics can be altogether evaluated and addressed yet there is never a reasonable, decent or terrible side. For instance, Walter submits abominable acts, yet these can be seen as just securing his family.

Religious issues

The religious aspect is not very clear but is it intertwined with the theme of morality. In the first place, Walter could barely be a more thoughtful character. He is passionate about his subject. One day, he gets news that he has lung cancer that constrains him to go up against his mortality. With a debilitated child and pregnant spouse, Walter stresses that his passing will leave his family devastated. As he runs his numbers, he understands that to keep his family stable after his death; he would need to make more than a million dollars in only a couple of months. Walter explains his best choice to make quick money is to put his substance skill to utilize producing methamphetamine. Through the span of five seasons, Walter plunges further and more profound into underhanded, turning into a definitive screw-up. So how can one go from a typical science educator to a dangerous drug dealer. At a point, he even says a body has no soul rather it’s just chemistry. Thus religion has been used to convey the theme of morality in the show.


Persuasiveness of the film

The Values in the film are based on the subjects morality and actions have consequences. The writer persuades the views that Walter White has to make fast cash since he will die soon. The only possible way for him to do so is to make and sell meth. Walter is questioning his morality, and at the same time, weight is current situation thus prompting him to take action of selling drugs. With time his business grows the money is in plenty at the same time to maintain his business and empire he has to be involved in other crimes like murder. The action of the main character leads to his family betraying him. The view is convinced that Walter has no alternative at the same time his actions has far reaching consequences.


Values or Principles that help solve conflicts

Breaking Bad offers one of the wealthiest bits of knowledge into human instinct on TV today. The shows flag the overall topic when Walter remains before his class and tells his understudies “Chemistry is… well, technically it’s the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change.” And along these lines, as well, Breaking Bad is the investigation of the progress of a change from good impression to appalling abhorrence. It illustrates the advancement of transgression in a path unparalleled in today’s TV narrating. What’s more, it makes us interruption to ask essential moral inquiries which we confront in our day to day lives.


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