a story in gems- how would you present a gemstone-based jewelry line to retail or wholesale customers


Paper details 

the project will need to include the followong sections:
-define your ideal customer: who are they? use images as well as descriptions
– which 2-3 gems best fit their style? tell bout those gems: sources, quality, factors, suitability for use in jewelry, price ranges
– tell about the story of those gems: why are you makeing jewelry with them? what about the gems will appeal to your customer?
– find examples of jewelry (from at least 2 different designers; cite your sources, but you do not need to talk about the original designers) you’d love put your name on and tell about that jewelry: what makes it special? why will it appeal to your ideal customer? tie the gems/jewelry sprcifically to your ideal customer’s tastes
– the jewelry you present should look like a collection in a line: at least 6 pieces telling a consistent story
you need to list the specific articles/ websites you’ve gotten your information or images from, *not* the URL for the google search page.

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