Akan Name


Term Paper:

Each student will be required to write a term paper under the title that his or her group worked on (see “Group Presentation” below). (My group topic is Akan Name)

You are expected to go to the library and read books and journal articles on your assigned topic. Your sources of information should strictly be academic, and make sure your web searches lead you to genuine academic sources. The term paper should be fully formatted in the APA style, See “scholarly essay guide,” relevant portions of “Guidelines,” and the term paper grading guide. To ensure uniformity, you’re required to use the APA style in your work. See “Guidelines,” “scholarly essay guide,” and sample draft essay for details.

The term paper should contain a minimum of four (4) pages, The font to use is “Times New Roman,” and the size must be 12, with double-line spacing. A title or cover page will not be considered as part of your paper. There should be no “running head,” and you’ll lose points for inserting one in your work. Neither should there be any “Abstract” to your essay. Again, please use the APA publication style only. Get a copy of any current issue of the journal called, Foreign Language Annals from the library and check on the current APA style in use. Your paper will be along similar lines—regarding internal quotations, citations, page numbers, etc. See me for a current issue of Foreign Language Annals, if you do not get one at the library. Please do not use any online version of style or any manual of style in print as your guide. The only acceptable guide will be a current issue of Foreign Language Annals.



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