Amino Acids and Peptide Bonds


not sure exactly how many pages due to the diagrams and text parts.
Clarification of added file: this is to clarify the uploaded file. this may run over the 7 pages…just wasn’t sure how many to select. it may take a few more days than selected but it wouldn’t let me choose a later date.
a)discuss BSE at a molecular level. Discuss all the molecular events wich will result in the disease:parts A7-A9 will cover this part.
A1) model can be made with candy, etc…be sure to show dbl bonds.
A2) text explanation describing the chemical characteristics of the same essential amino acid of the model made. include items such as hydropobicity, reactivity, pKa, or how the amino acid behaves in a protein.
A4/5)diagram dipicting the dehydration and hydrolysis that create/break a peptide bond.any amino acid can be used showing side chains R1 and R2.include water as a reactant/product where appropriate. A complete biochemical equation should be provided.


A6) text explanantion of bonds/forces/interactions that stabilize the tertiary level of protein structure. add a brief explanation on each kind of bond including the type of amino acids that are involved and the relative strength of the bond/interaction. you can you a diagram if you’d like.
A7) include further molecular details on the key features of the disease BSE that are ‘aggregation’ and ‘misfolding’ with a review of their pathology of this disease (brain) in cattle.
A8)discuss the role of prions, define them, and provide a discussion on how prions alter the brain and result in BSE.. connect it with the pathology of BSE.
A9) brief explanation on ‘chaperones’. the role of chaperone proteins in BSE.does a PrP protein mimic the chaperones and influence the protein folding? provide a complete discussion of its role in the propagation of BSE.
B) Tese recommendations are for a country that does not already have any regulations to prevent BSE. the CDC is a great resource. keep in mind this is to keep in from affecting cattle not humans at this point. keep it simple but effective.


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