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What is custom annotated bibliography online writing service?

Annotated Bibliography is a list of sources to be utilized in a research paper dealing with a particular topic. Annotated bibliography like other forms of a bibliography is a list of research sources arranged alphabetically. It is not a list giving sources data and information rather it includes a clear summary of each source on the list; it provides information and reasons why each source is of value and relevance to the research being done. Annotated bibliography may take different forms depending on the intended project and the intended purpose. With the above explanation custom annotated bibliography online writing service is therefore a service that provide annotated bibliography writing service where the bibliography it is written according to clients needs and instructions. is a leading annotated bibliography writing service which has talented writers who are ready to help you with your annotated bibliography.

Selecting sources for your annotated bibliography

The quality of annotated bibliography depends on a few things one being the sources selected. It is important to understand the scope of the research and the questions to be answered. When choosing sources the most important issue that needs to be answered include;

  • What is the problem being investigated?
  • What kind of materials are to be searched for?
  • Are there any significant studies done on the research topic so far?

The collection of the sources will be controlled with the above questions as they are addressing the fundamental issues of the research to be carried out. Answering these questions will enable selecting the appropriate sources for the research.

Relevance and value of sources for your annotated bibliography

The relevance and value of the sources in annotated bibliography depend on how well they are able to answer the issues being raised by the research. The information and data in each source should be relevant to the research questions, this will help define how each source is used and the value they add to the research paper.

Forms of Annotated Bibliography

Depending on the assignment and instructions given annotated bibliography can take variations for instance;

  • Some may require a summary only without evaluation of the sources
  • Some may require giving similarities and dissimilarities between sources while other may require each source dealt with independently
  • Some may require grouping sources according to the relevance to the research questions to be addressed
  • Some may require you to preface the bibliography explaining the length and depth of the investigation and giving a rationale for the selected sources.

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