Anominated curriculum area



select a nominated curriculum area in your sector of education and training and illustrate the inclusive teaching practices you would use to help the particular group

of students that you researched in your first essay and all students in your class to achieve the learning outcomes. You will need to:
Identify the target group you are focussing on in your assignment.
Choose a specific topic area within your field of teaching and clearly set out the required learning outcomes for this topic – (you may need to use appropriate

curriculum documentation in order to do this).
Explain the theoretical framework you are using to understand their learning needs and the way your theoretical framework shapes the approach you need to take in

planning and developing inclusive learning strategies.
Show how you would implement your plan by illustrating the teaching practices for this specific topic that will assist students in your designated equity group to meet

these learning outcomes and explain how these practices and strategies are linked to your theoretical framework for understanding inclusive teaching. As part of this

discussion you need to critically reflect on the learning/experiences/strategies by:
showing how and arguing why the teaching methods and strategies you propose will help students achieve the desired learning outcomes
discussing the extent to which these teaching practices include all students in your class.
Discuss the way in which teachers in your context can incorporate inclusive, student-centred teaching practices in all their teaching and the way you will use

inclusive, student-centred teaching practices in the future.

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