Applied Thermodynamics



This design problem is an open-ended one which has no one correct solution. You will work in teams
of 3 or 4. Although you may discuss this problem with others, the team must come up with a unique
solution. Plagiarism will result in an “F” in the course.

Your project will be a report describing your solution to the problem stated below. Your work will be
graded (based on the rubric on the next page) on technical content as well as on
writing/communication effectiveness, grammar and spelling. Follow the attached format guide and
other requirements.


Using methods in ASHRAE Handbook of HVAC Applications, estimate the rate of evaporation from
the surface of an Olympic-size swimming pool.
The swimming hall is maintained at 30
C with a dew point temperature of 21
Based on your estimate:
a) Determine the load, in kW, that the moisture places on the air-conditioning system.
b) Write a report that summarizes your analysis with at least three references.
c) Detail your findings in a power point presentation (the presentation should not be longer than 6


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