Argumentative Essay Sample: High Times in Jamaica

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high times in jamaica


The narrator of the story is a traveler who has been all over the world finally he is in Kingston Jamaica. The High Times in Jamaica revolves around the time the narrator and his friend Scotty, they seem to be having a fun of a lifetime but is it that fun?  To some extent, I don’t think it is that enjoyable time for the narrator for instance when they go to settle in Aggie’s place he feels that the house is not that classic, but he finds it comfortable, though. At the same time, the narrator is not pleased when he went to work in a club, and the bill of his friends are cut off from his wage. He says “I put on my act. Mr. McMillan had told us that the bill we ran up would be cut in half because of my working there. This included all my guests. We took over the place and turned it into a party. Needless to say, there was not much left from my wages.” (Jacobs) It sounds like there is some discontent on the money he earns after the bill is charged.

The narrator have his high times, and it can be said he and his friend had a lot of fun, they were living without paying for anything they would take beer and waste time for the day and in the evening party take a lot of beers and dance until the following day in the morning. There are girls in plenty washing their hairs and preparing for the night a view that seems to be enjoyable by the narrator. One of the girls appears to have a liking for the story teller her name is Marjorie although there are other beautiful girls she is the one who wants him bad, she even threatens other girls who would want to be with our narrator something he seems to enjoy.

The narrator-host Aggie is a famous woman on the island of Jamaica and since the narrator and his friend Scotty are her friends whenever they went for a walk a bunch of men and more so girls would follow them along. They were not to be disturbed since they enjoyed some sort of diplomacy powers, something that the narrator is excited about to tell us in the story. He says “Most everyone considers Aggie their friend and because Scotty and I are going to stay here we too are their friends. Every time we go someplace from Aggie’s, we have a small army following us. The girls go with us, the guys go with us, and we pick up friends along the way.” (Jacobs)

The girls wanted to go to watch a movie the narrator joins them, the movie was very fun to watch he tell us that the movie theater was so emotional, and every individual in the theater was acting as though they were in the movie. The general population was remaining in their seats and shouting and hollering. Indeed, even over all the clamor, perplexity, and enthusiastic craziness, he could still hear the movie just fine and even the neck of the bull in the film being broken.

With this, the general population give a cheer and appear to fall slackly into their seats with an incredible murmur, as though they had fulfilled the feat, and the narrator was enjoying these events very much. He says, “For sure, this is an outstanding example of mob hysteria because when I look at all of those people standing on the benches and chairs, yelling and screaming, where the hell do you suppose I find myself! I’m up on top of my chair yelling with the rest of them.” (Jacobs)

The fun of the narrator does not stop there when he goes to work in the club some lady likes him, and after he had performed for the night, he gets a call from the woman who loved the way he acted and asked him to meet. She sends a taxi to pick him but apparently she comes along with the cab. Immediately he enters in the car the lady embraces him and soon realizes it is going to be a beautiful night. They go to the outskirt of Kingston in a bar, and they take drinks get intoxicated and dance a lot throughout the night, and the narrator is surely having a lifetime excitement.

They leave and go to her home it is beautiful he takes a shower and then the lady after warning him not to sleep. When she comes back, he says  “I prop myself up on my elbow expectantly and look at the bathroom door. The sight that my eyes behold I think I will never forget. There she stands in a silken, sheer, pink negligee. She leans against the door, in what must be the most provocative pose since Cleopatra. I smile at her, and she walks slowly over to the bed. By then the sun is coming up over the mountain tops. All I can say is if there is something about making love that Faye doesn’t know, it isn’t a damn bit worth knowing at all!” (Jacobs)

The narrator likes women, and they were plenty in Jamaica and were of all sort of variety so he could just choose any he liked and had fun. I guess it was high times for really.


Jacobs R. High Times In Jamaica.

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