Defining Art: Set 1


  • How can we define “art”?    
  • Is there one definition that sums up the meaning of “art”  
  • When and where was the term, “art” first used?
  • What does the term, “Fine Arts”, refer to ?
  • How was the term, “Fine Arts” first used?
  • What is an artist?
  • What are contemporary explanations of what art and the artist are?  




The Chicano Movement and the Treaty:

Set 2


  • What is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?


  • What terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo were violated, and how does this affect Chicanos/as?


  • What role does Réies López Tijerina and La Alianza play in the Chicano Movement? 


  • What does the occupation of Catalina Island by the Brown Berets symbolize?


Set 3



  • Who is Luis Valdez?


  • What connection is there between the Teatro Campesino and the UFW?


  • What is an acto?


  • What is a Pastorela?


  • What theatre groups/individuals were inspired by Luis Valdez and his teachings?


  .  .

Set 4


  • What is TENAZ?


  • What ideology did TENAZ promote?


  • What differences did the members of TENAZ have with Luis Valdez and the Teatro Campesino?


  • What role did TENAZ play in the protesting of the U.S. bicentennial celebration in 1976?


  • What caused TENAZ to dissolve?


  • What is the connection between TENAZ and the presence of Chicanas/os  in mainstream commercial entertainment?


Set 5


  • What is Culture Clash?
  • What is the focus of the group?
  • What themes does Culture Clash work with?


Set 6   


  • Where is Chicano Park?   
  • Why did the founders of Chicano Park decide to establish such an artistic sight?
  • Who are some of the founders of Chicano Park?

Set 4

  • Who were Lalo Guerrero and Don Tosti, and how did they influence the Chicano rock scene?


  • What is the connection between traditional Mexican music and Chicano rock?


  • Who are some of the most prominent figures of Chicano rock?


  • What makes Chicano rock different from other forms of American rock?


Set 5


  • Why is it that Chicana/o authors tend to incorporate  Chicano characters, bilingualism and other elements reflective of their heritage in the story lines of their literary works?


  • What would be the difference in terms of overall cultural perspective between the works of authors, “Corky” Gonzáles and José Montoya, versus the writings of Richard Rodríguez?



Set 6


  • Who is Jesús Salvador Treviño, and what is his contribution to Chicano filmmaking?



  • Who are other Chicana/o filmmakers, and what projects have they been involved in?


  .  .


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