Art and Religion in Africa by Rosalind Hackett


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Opening: This consists of a few paragraphs. It generally mentions the name of the author and the title of the book. It also might include some background on the topic addressed by the author. This section usually contains some mention of the main theme running through the book. You might also state here how the book affected you.

Summary: Here you should give a brief overview of the information in the book. How is the book structured? What are the main points the author is trying to make in the book? How did the author reach his conclusions? What procedures or techniques did he employ? In the case of an archaeology book, you might mention whether the book is based on the author’s own research or whether it is based entirely on secondary sources.

Opinion: This section provides an opportunity for you–the reader–to evaluate to what extent the author succeeding in making his points or supporting this thesis. How did the book affect you–good or bad? What things did you like about the book and what things did you dislike. How thorough was the author’s approach. Do you think his data is sufficient to support his thesis? Are the conclusions reached by the author justified by the evidence presented in the book? Try to be objective and not sound biased. Nevertheless, if you don’t like the book, say so and why.

Wrap-up: This is a short ending, sort of a final, thumbnail impression of the usefulness of the book. Would you recommend the book to other readers and if so what type of reading audience would appreciate the book?
overall -Title of the book, author, and publishers, and date of Publication. -Introduction to the basic theme of the book.
-Brief summary of the major points made by the author(s)
-Strengths of the book
-Weaknesses of the book
-Your own opinion about the book. Whether you liked it and would –recommend it to others.
-What group of people would benefit from reading this book? -Must convince grader the book was read.

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