Article critique


Read the article the following article and write an academic critique using the structure below, make sure you follow a

step by step and take your time while doing it!

5-6 paragraphs
o introduction
Introduces article by FULL title, author’s name, and complete main idea
Provides relevant background information on the author’s qualifications and credentials
Draws conclusion about author’s credibility based on above

o summary (of the text that is being critiqued)
•summarize the article focusing on main idea and sub ideas ONLY. No examples or quotes

o critique (usually two or three body paragraphs)
-Raises objection (or agreement) about support strategies
-Supplies evidence for objection (or agreement), focusing, for example, on lack of varied support strategies, overuse of

particular support strategies, weak support (for example, out of date studies and surveys, unqualified experts), heavily

weighted on anecdotal evidence, use of informal fallacies, author bias, etc.
-Focuses conclusion on recommendations to improve argument; closes with opinion on argument/topic being critiqued
-Proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes
-Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the text. Analyze the structure of arguments and the support strategies. Look

for logical fallacies, blanket statements, and anecdotes.
-Provide evidence and support for your critique. The evidence and support should be in the form of solid logical

arguments. You could refer to the text for specific details; however, do not quote excessive amount of sentences from the


o conclusion
Conclude the essay with a conclusion that wraps up everything.

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