Biology 2


See attached questions. Please let me know if you need supporting notes. I like to try a different expert than the one last time.

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Q. 1 For a gene with 8 exons, assuming all exons are included in the transcript, how many possibilities for resulting transcript are there with alternative splicing ?Assume exons can be placed in any order. Show the solution
Q.2 What is the amount of energy that is expended in each of the four steps of the Yourke DNA machine (presented in lecture 2) if C-G binds with an energy of -1.7kcal/mole and A-T binds with an energy of -1.5kcal/mol ? Assume 1 mol of the machine is present. Show the solution
Q.3 To support 20 cycles of PCR in which you start with a single double strand where each strand is 3000 bases, what concentration of each nucleotide would you need to start with assuming each of the nucleotides is distributed throughout the DNA randomly ? Show the solution.


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