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1. Describe a process/system/service of your choice. (10% of the total marks)

2. Brainstorm and describe the ‘Whats’ and ‘Hows’ (14-20 of each). If you are omitting any of these from your HOQ, then

explain why. (20% of the total marks)

3. Construct a HOQ for this process/system/service. Describe each part of the HOQ with respect to your

process/system/service. For any part(s) of the HOQ which cannot be done because of lack of information, confidentiality,

etc., complete the part(s) with simulated information and describe how data would be collected to complete the missing

part(s). (40% of the total marks)

4. Detail outcomes, recommendations and conclusions based on your HOQ. (30% of the total marks)

The coursework may be hand-written or word-processed but must be legible and well structured. Attention should be paid to

grammar, punctuation and spelling. All sources used must be fully referenced in Harvard style.


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