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Reflect on how your studies at CSU, including this subject, have enabled you to meet the CSU Graduate Attributes (these are copied below).
CSU’s Graduate Attributes:
Charles Sturt University aims to produce graduates who are:
1. Well-educated in the knowledge and skills of their discipline or profession
2. Effective communicators who have problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills and can work both independently and in teams
3. Work-ready and able to apply discipline expertise in professional practice
4. Able to develop and apply international perspectives in their discipline or profession
5. Able to engage meaningfully with the culture, experiences, histories and contemporary issues of Indigenous communities

Projecting into the future, what are your career plans?
o Where do you hope to be in your working career in five to ten years time?
o What additional skills and knowledge do you believe you will need to develop to make this a reality, and why?
o How do you think you might attain these?
o Outline a continuous professional learning program that could assist you to meet these goals.

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