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Management Theories and Philosophies

Question One:

With reference to appropriate academic literature, critically evaluate the relevance of the contribution of Hofestede to our understanding of the influence of culture on global organisational practices.

Instructions for the completion of assessment:

  • The assessment will be check and submit by electronically via ‘Turnitin’

  • Work must  be 100% original and plagiarism free

  • The maximum word count for part two of this assessment is 3,000 words, +/- 10%.  This word count includes any appendices (which you should not need to any extent) but excludes the words in the reference list.  This word count must be adhered to.

  • This is an essay not a report, so you should avoid the use of bullet points and lists.  This is an essay question which is effectively asking you to complete a critical evaluation of the literature on the topics and use this literature to form arguments to address the discussion.

  • Accurate referencing of sources is crucial in this coursework.

  • Literature should be sourced from a range of journal articles and textbooks. Do not used Wikipedia

  • Referencing will be the Harvard system.

  • Microsoft Word Format