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AP Economics

Happy Holidays…. Sleep…. Presents…. Food…. Friends…. Family….Sleep, Oh yeah, homework!  Finish Reading chapters 14, 15 pages 307 – 311 and chapter 16. 
Chapter 16
1 and 6
These are due for everyone on January 6th.  If you will not be here finish it early and send it with a friend.  Email me your assignment  If you are sick, have someone drop it off or once again email me the work.  
  This part of the assignment is worth 10 points.

You must find two articles form a reputable source regarding Economics (WSJ, The Economist, NY Times, LA Times, Time Magazine or an International Economic Journal).  The articles must be at least one full page.  You need to pick an article on each topic below. 
1.      Fiscal Policy
2.      Monetary Policy
The articles must be current (June 2013 – December 2013).  You need enough information in the article to read, analyze and then write a full page.  Each full page must be a half page summary and a half page analysis or application to a class topic on each article (your ideas).  This portion must be typed, double spaced, one inch margin and 10 – 12 font size. Do not waste two inches at the top with your name, period, etc. (Each one earns you ten points)

You turn in the two typed pages.  Do not plagiarize.  Be careful of over summarizing when you really just change a word or two and re-write the authors ideas.  Use parenthetical notes please.  Also turn in copies of the two articles. 
Finally, you must type a two entry Works Cited.  Look up the MLA format, use Noodle tools or EZ Bib.  Do not turn in a list of web addresses. Go research the proper formatting of Online sources.  (This earns you five points)
This part of the assignment is worth 25 points.



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