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Rather than wait until you are next in a supermarket to check out the different types of work,
we brought some of the jobs at Whole Foods Market to you. Now that you have some background
in job evaluation, it is time to try it out. As a first step, Whole Foods has done job analysis
and prepared job descriptions. The results are shown below. Now a job structure is needed.
The manager has assigned this job to you.
1. Divide into teams of four to six each. Each team should evaluate the jobs and prepare a job
structure based on its evaluation. Assign titles to each job, and show your structure by title
and job letter. A broad hint: Recall from our discussion of Whole Foods’ business and pay
strategy that teams play an important role.
2. Your team should describe the process it went through to arrive at that job structure. The job
evaluation techniques and compensable factors used should be described, and the reasons for
selecting them should be stated.
3. Each team should give each job a title and put its job structure on the board. Comparisons can
then be made among job structures of the various teams. Does the job evaluation method
used appear to affect the results? Do the compensable factors chosen affect the results? Does
the process affect the results?
4. Evaluate the job descriptions. What parts of them were most useful? How could they be
JOB A (Team Member, Deli)28
Kind of Work
Provide excellent customer service. Follow and
comply with all applicable health and sanitation
procedures. Prepare food items: sandwiches,
slice deli meats and cheeses. Prepare
items on station assignment list and as predetermined.
Stock and rotate products, stock supplies
and paper goods in a timely basis; keep

style=”color: #3a3a3a; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px;”>all utensils stocked. Check dates on all products
in stock to ensure freshness and rotate
when necessary. Use waste sheets properly, as
directed. Operate and sanitize all equipment
in a safe and proper manner. Comply with and
follow Whole Foods Market Safety Procedures.
Follow established Weights and Measures procedures
(tares). Answer the phone and pages
to department quickly and with appropriate
phone etiquette. Practice proper use of knives,
slicer, trash compactor, baler (must be 18 years
of age or older), and all other equipment used
during food preparation and cleanup. Perform
other duties as assigned, and follow through
on supervisor requests in a timely manner.
• Some deli experience preferred.
• Clear and effective communicator.
• Patient and enjoys working and mentoring
• Ability to perform physical requirements of
• Ability to learn proper use of knives, slicer,
baler (must be 18 years of age or older)
and all other equipment used during food
preparation and cleanup.
• Ability to work well with others as a team.
• Knowledge of all relevant Whole Foods
Market policies and standards.
• Understands and can communicate

goals to customers.


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