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you are required to prepare the research project report that describes and justifies the decisions you have made for your proposed research design, data collection methods, sample selection, ethical considerations and data analysis techniques that are relevant to the research proposal that you have selected. These components will be informed substantially by your literature review in Assignment 2. This research project involves the development of a Qualtrics survey which you need to design and include whether you choose to develop a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method of survey and/or interview questions.
Your final research proposal should address the following criteria (and use these headings in your Research Project Report):
i. Problem statement and research objectives – state your problem statement and research objectives at the start of your final research report so your lecturer can refer to these when reviewing your proposal.
ii. Research design – explain and justify the methodological approach you propose to guide your research proposal.
iii. Data collection methods – explain and justify the methods you propose to address your problem statement and what data management tools you would use (e.g. Qualtrics, Excel).
iv. Qualtrics survey – design and include your Qualtrics survey and/or interview format and explain and justify the questions and style of questions you use with respect to collecting appropriate data to address your objectives.
v. Sample selection – explain and justify the sample selection process relevant to your research proposal.
vi. Ethical considerations – explain how you would consider the ethical issues associated with the research proposal.
vii. Data analysis techniques – explain and justify how you would propose to analyse the data collected, including the analysis performed by Qualtrics and discuss the format that Qualtrics data may be presented in (e.g. tables, bar graphs etc.).
viii. Reference list – provide a reference list (Harvard) for any reference sources you use to justify your final research proposal.


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