bullying in elementary…and other schools and is there a correlation that would support that it happens less in private schools than public

Experiential Learning Project (ELP):
•    Each Experiential Learning Project is a combination of a substantial written paper and an oral presentation, both of which are described below.  The ELP is an

integrated experiential learning project that should be viewed as a practical application of your in-class learning applied to a pre-determined topic.
•    All ELP topics must be approved in a learning contract by the faculty member.  The faculty member reserves the right to recommend different research topics

and ways to further explore the chosen subject.  Adult learners in the degree completion program and specifically this course must complete both components, written

and oral, of the ELP as part of the final grade.
•    The time period reserved for the final examination will be used for the presentation of the experiential learning projects and will be further discussed in

•    The rubric for grading the ELP will be distributed and available in the accompanying online resource folder and discussed in class to clarify expectations.
•    Each student must demonstrate in the ELP an awareness, understanding and integration of the Franciscan mission.

ELP Details, Part 2:  Written Project
In addition to the oral ELP presentation, each student is required to submit minimum of a 15-page research paper upon which your ELP is based, and a references

page, both of which must conform to established APA standards of documentation.  Your bibliography should incorporate a minimum of 20 sources.  Your final number of

research sources can exceed this number but not be below it.  Of these sources, at least 50% must be hard-copy items, such as texts, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals,

periodicals, films, recordings, and the like; the other 50% can be taken directly from internet sources with proper citation.

Example: A student might have a young child and be interested in learning more about bullying in schools and/or on the internet. The student might find out about

the bullying policies at his/her child’s school and/or other local schools. The student might search the internet for publicly available statistics on bullying. The

student might interview his/her child and/or school about the incidence of bullying on campus. The student might incorporate recent news stories about

bullying/cyberbullying, and might design a suggested intervention for bullying among children, as well as an accompanying research paper and annotated

bibliography that would reflect the research that has been completed in preparation for the ELP presentation. Importantly, the ELP must contain:
1.    An experiential piece, such as an interview, short research project you may have done such as a survey of friends, etc.
2.    A research paper, which includes scholarly sources that focus on your topic (at least 20 sources must be cited in the whole paper)
3.    An indication of how the Franciscan tradition applies to your paper. This can be integrated throughout or can be a separate section that focuses specifically

on this topic.