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i already have a existing business plan. you will just need to add the following in it. this is the feedback given by my prof. you will have to add it in the business plan. I need it urgently within a couple of hours. the guy who helped with the business plan duped me and is not responding anymore. So need help and need someone to deliver it at the earliest ASAP . you can just write a couple of pages, which covers the following below, and it can be good as well. 
  • market size – you need to take one country as the starting point and search for credible information on money used and could be used for the service you might provide; then move to other countries where you want to expend and provide similar information; buying habits will probably differ so, you need to provide credible research on how your market mitt behave and grow
  • More attention to product definition – it is your imagination on the service you provide; try to define it in a number of different ways and you will see how it affects the product itself and your cost and revenue; Famous statement of MacDonald Corporation that they are in convenience business was profound in results for the service process organization and then enhanced the product concept; how complex is your service, type of services, length of the games, and so on. You may try to show diversity of products/service, prices and cost; this exercise will help you with understanding what you really doing with people time and how they will pay for it
  • Competition has deserved more attention – your business is not new, you have competitors in many countries; who are they and how you will be better than they are? How big market they have? Will you need to take their clients to grow or the speed of the market growth will support you sufficiently? Please pay attention to demography; Europe is old; if you want to grow in Europe you need to see how your product might eve love together with chafes in demography
  • More specific information on market assumptions
  • You put quit good money at the beginning, what would be your exit plan? Any chance for recovering if business is disappointing? 
  • Sensitivity analysis, I am not sure that I saw it.
  • .…….

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