1. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9GtoKGLA6o
2. Read this webpage: http://www.zenbutoh.com/history.htm

1. Who are the creators of the dance form Butoh?

2. Where and when did Butoh originate?

3. What was Butoh a reaction to? (what world event occured that made the Japanese people want to perform Butoh)

4. According to the video, what is Butoh called?

5. What words can you use to describe some of the movement done in Butoh (List at least 5)?

6. According to the webpage article, what did Hijikata believe he was doing by dancing slowly with bent legs?

7. How does this statement, “every body is a perfect body” stated in the webpage reading contradict what you have read

and viewed about Ballet traditions and values?

8. Based souly on this video, what are your initial reactions to Butoh? Do you see any beauty in the art form? (noting

that Butoh now looks many different ways)

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