case of Hill v. Ohio County OR case of Norton v. Argonaut Insurance Co


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The Case Study requirement was revised in the Syllabus this session as follows:

Case Study Research Narrative – students are required to do a more extensive research project. A case will be assigned by the Instructor. This requirement will be met in the form of case studies review and presentation (Media Gallery). This presentation will be graded based on the quality of the research, the skill of the presentation, and the presenting student’s knowledge & depth of the topic, as demonstrated by his or her ability to respond to the questions or comments of the Instructor/class. Case study will be THREE pages narrative in length and include the following: 1. Facts of the case, 2. Outcome of the case, 3. Legal principle involved, and 4. Application to today. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain the actual case (goal is to review actual testimony) from the Library or Internet, as this may impact the quality of the research (caution-some cases are long to print out). Students should not read directly from the text. Creativity and innovative approaches in presentation are strongly encouraged. Length of presentation should be no longer than 7 minutes. Presentations should also be conducted as to a panel of peers. Option is Plaintiff-Defendant Group.

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I am modifying this as follows:
Cases are to be chosen by the student from the cases presented in the text or your own research;
A video presentation posted to Media Gallery is preferred, but NOT required (a Powerpoint presentation may be submitted);
A paper version of your presentation should be submitted. It will not be graded and can be an outline or a polished paper at your choice. This is just to ensure that you have thoroughly outlined your oral presentation;
Regardless of the delivery method, the project should be addressed to the Board of Directors of Medical Center. In other words, the style, tone and depth should be appropriate for presentation in a corporate setting. Assume that you are tasked with explaining this case to the Board for their consideration in the development of policy;
To use Media Gallery, after preparing and saving a video, simply click the ADD button. As with the paper, grades will be based on the quality of work; however, additional editing is not necessary.
Finally, I understand that this assignment falls over Thanksgiving week. If you need an extension, just ask. No reasonable request denied.

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