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Here is a brief case study on ethics in engineering

List three examples of responsibilities you believe would be incumbent on engineers, even if a written code of ethics did not exist, and explain why.

Responsibility to Safety and health standards

As an engineer you are developing tools and facilities that are to be used with people, these tools should not harm anyone in the process of their utilization. When developing a product it is important for it to adhere to the health standards that have been set, it is an obligation as a professional to ensure that products being developed do not contravene the set health standards as they are placed to ensure that people are kept off arm way.


Integrity is a responsibility that cut across all professionals; it is important to transact and act in a manner that portrays that one has integrity and does not act due to selfish gains. When an engineer is contracted he should work for the interests of the client but not their own, it can be described as a natural contract that comes when one is given a job to do. Therefore an engineer should work in a manner that ensures his end product or the process of obtaining or developing a product does not have a conflict of interest and if there is any, as a professional he is obligated to come out clear and pronounce himself of these interests.

Acting Truthfully

As a human being, you are only as good as the truth your word is, an engineer is a professional who does not work in a vacuum rather amongst fellow human beings. He needs to undertake his work with truthfulness; he should be able to state facts which can be proven. For instance, when developing a product, it is important to start facts of its capabilities and drawbacks this will ensure that whoever uses this product is not put into harm’s way. If facts are altered people are likely to be injured, and professionalism of engineering be called into question.


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