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When you write a piece of work you are required to research the topic before you start to write. This will mean that you use the material that you have covered during your lectures, you will read books and journals and you will search for information on the internet.
In this topic you are going to learn how to search for material, and how to reference it properly. You are also going to learn about plagiarism, and how to avoid it.
As part of your university induction programme you were shown the University library, and the staff explained how to use the services there. As part of this topic you are required to attend a workshop with the Library staff. This is a very different session to the one in the induction programme. At this session you will be taught how to find appropriate materials for your study. It is essential that you attend your workshop.
Look on your timetable to see which workshop you have been assigned to. The workshops are spread over week three and four – you will attend one workshop in one of these two weeks.
As well as attending the library workshop there is material to work through on Blackboard. This material explains referencing and plagiarism. You should work through this material in the week that you do not attend a workshop.

During this term you will be set coursework in other modules. Choose one module where you are required to write an essay. Identify five sources that you are going to use in this essay. List the sources, referencing them correctly. Explain how you found those sources. You must use a range of different approaches that you learnt at the library workshop.

Thinking is a crucial part of University life. During your years at University you will be given a lot of information. Some of this will come from lectures, some from your reading and some from discussions in tutorials and with your fellow students. It is crucial that you think carefully about the information that is presented to you.
Just listening to or reading about the information is not sufficient. You will also be required to use the information in the essays that you write and the exams that you sit. It is important, therefore, to ensure that you understand the different types of thinking that you will be required to do. In this topic we look at the different types of thinking, and we understand the difference between descriptive and critical thinking.
There is a recorded lecture for this module.
You will then be required to work through material online, and to complete some online tasks.

Your assessment task for this topic is to take the last two command words (compare and contrast) and apply them.
Compare and contrast the two different accounts of the challenge to UK Universities of online provision:

Word limit: 200 wordsWEEK SEVEN or EIGHT: WRITING SKILLS
Effective written communication is essential. It is essential to achieve good marks in your academic work – if you have not written clearly the lecturer will not be able to know if your thoughts and ideas are good or not. It is also essential when you are at work to communicate clearly so that people understand the information that you are trying to convey.
Most of the coursework that you will be required to write at University will be essays or reports. Many students get quite worried about coursework. They look at the question and worry that they cannot answer it, or that they cannot write enough about it. However, with careful thought and planning most students produce excellent work.
In this topic we are going to look at how to structure an essay and a report. We will look at the process of planning out your writing, and then how to write a clear and well structured piece of work.
Some of the material for this module can be found on-line. You will also be required to attend a workshop in week seven or eight (the exact time and place of the workshop will be on your timetable) where you will look in more detail at writing and referencing. This workshop will be run by staff from the Learning Development Centre. You should work through the on-line material in the week that you do not attend the workshop.

In the ‘Researching Skills’ topic you were required to choose a piece of coursework, and identify five sources that you would use when writing the coursework.
In this task you are required to look at this coursework again, and to write an essay plan. The plan should show the key points that you are going to include, and link these points together logically.
The plan should be no longer than 300 words.

you should use either no 1 or no 2 for this.

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