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Compare and contrast the Christmas culture portrayed in two to four short accounts of a child’s Christmas that you read in Module Two. Focus on time in the century and at least one other element in their lives that influence culture. Develop a theory about how these elements (or lack of them) influence 19th century children’s Christmas culture. Elements must include time within the century (Early, Mid, Late) and at least one or two others of:
• Wealth and poverty
• City vs. settler experience (urban vs. rural)
• Nationality
• Religious affiliation
Make sure you include a short introduction giving an overall conclusion supporting your theory.
Note: These stories are set across the century and you should use these approximate dates in your assignment this week:
• Johnson dates to approximately 1830 and is set in a frontier settlement near Indianapolis. This was wild county in 1830. The story describes the common practice of turning out the schoolmaster on Christmas and is an example of Misrule.
• Alcott dates to the Civil War, approximately 1864 and is located in the fifth largest city in the US at the time, Boston, which had a population of approximately 177,000.
• Ingalls Wilder dates to the 1870s on the plains
• Cather dates to the 1880s on the plains. The selection is notable for describing the differences and tension between different nationalities/religions in the culture of Christmas at the time.
Comparing and contrasting multiple elements can be tricky in compositions. There are several options for structuring that kind of essay. Do seek help from the Writing Center on how to structure your writing and download the attached guide for more help.
Do no further research; use class materials to date.
Refer to the Essay Rubric to focus your efforts.

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