Computing Fundamental



· Read the following scenario:James was traveling for his job. The internet card provided by his company was notworking and he had an important project due that day. James was in a small town aboutan hour away from the nearest internet kiosk, so he decided to drive around a nearbysuburb to see if he could find a wireless system he could “borrow” to send out his project.James found a wireless system without a security key and, after parking near the homewith the system, uploaded the project. Afterward, just for fun, James peaked into thecomputer on the wireless system and found, to his dismay, some bank accounts andpasswords.

· Think about how you would feel if James were parked outside your home, using yourwireless network.

· Refer to Ch. 12 in Computing Fundamentals

· Explain the following in 350 to 700 words: Before this class, what means, if any, wereyou employing to protect yourself in the cyber world? What security measures areavailable to the average computer user? What is missing from the system James“borrowed?” Which do you think are most important? How might you change yourapproach to online security in the future?

· Cite any resources used in APA format.

· Post the CheckPoint as an attachment

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