Consider how it reflects the economic and social changes of the late medieval period in Europe

Assessment Now you should know how cities, merchants, artisans, and money changers changed the European economy in the Middle Ages. Study this painting of a 15th century market town in the Netherlands. Think about how this painting reflects what life was like in the Late Middle Ages.

You will analyze the painting to complete this assessment activity. Your analysis will focus on discovering three parts of the painting that show evidence of change in Late Medieval European society and economy. Concentrate on the interactions between people and try to determine what activity is going on. How does this activity reflect the changes in European society or the economy that happened as guilds developed? Steps:

  1. Closely study the painting. Consider how it reflects the economic and social changes of the late medieval period in Europe. 
  2. Identify three distinct features or interactions you see in the painting that relate to what you learned in the lesson.
  3. Explain how each feature or interaction represents an economic or social change in Europe during this period. Be thorough in your explanations. Use at least three complete sentences for each one. 
  4. span lang=”EN-US” style=”font-family: “Arial”,”sans-serif”; font-size: 11.5pt; mso-fareast-font-family: “Times New Roman”;”>Each of your three explanations must discuss a unique change reflected in the painting. They should not be the same or significantly similar to each other. 
  5. Each of your three explanations must use and explain at least one important term or idea from the lesson. Examples include the following: 
o    Artisan 

o    Merchant 

o    Guild 

o    Wealth 

o    Crusades 

o    Money system 

o    Division of labor 

o    Usury 

o    Urbanization 

o    Middle class 

  1. Check your work for completeness, clear organization, grammar, and spelling before submitting to your instructor.
If you are taking this course for Honors credit, you will also need to complete the Honors assessment on the next screen.

 Assessment 02.05 Guilds and a Changing Economy

  1. Complete the reading and activities for
    this lesson.
  2. Review your notes for this lesson. 
  3. View the Grading Rubric before completing the assignment. 
  4. Complete and save the assignment as “02_05_WH_YourName“. 
  5. Submit the assignment to 02.05 Medieval Europe and Japan: Guilds and a Changing Economy.

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