Consolidated Statements of Operations ($) (years ended October 31)


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1. Make vertical and horizontal analyses of the profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the company 2. Use the Profit and Loss Statement for the twelve months to October 31st 2013 ( making reasoned estimates, with justification, where you are missing data and explain what data are missing 3. prepare a brief analysis of the company (using a process similar to that in the recent “Identify the Industry” case, and/or the Dupont analysis 4. Make a brief report summarizing your findings to all three questions. The best papers move beyond the descriptive (e.g. “Return on Sales = 2%0 and the analytic (e.g. “Return on sales grew from 1.3 to 2.0%”) to the evaluate (e.g. “although return on sales of 2.0% might appear to be low, the high asset turnover and leverage resulted in an excellent Return on Equity of 20%”) Note that insignificant elements of the published financial statements may be grouped together if desired, and that you should make a judgment as to how many significant figures are required for your data entries. The data in your answer should be clearly laid out in tabular format so that your approach and answer are both plainly plainly evident. The overall structure should be as follows 1. cover page 2. table of contents 3. main report 4. exhibits if any and 5 Bibliography (Harvard style) The report should demonstrate skills of critical reflection, effective communication and balanced judgment. The report should not exceed 1500. (PLEASE NOTE that cover page, table of contents and bibliography are not part of the 1500 word limited

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