Creating a link as part of the Lower Thames crossing project


On 21st of May 2013 the Department of Transport (DfT) explored infrastructure developments for the generation of additional crossing capacity in the Lower Thames Area. Currently, the main links used to cross the river at the Lower Thames area are the New Dartford Tunnel and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Due to their location, these links support users of the M25 and other strategic routes. The increased transport demand from businesses and private individuals has resulted in daily flows which usually exceed 140,000 vehicles. Due to the fact that the existing infrastructure was built to accommodate around 135,000 vehicles, users frequently experience long delays. The government investigated a number of options, three of which are presented in Figure 1 below. Your goal is to design a crossing and carry out the necessary traffic engineering analysis for its evaluation. You may select the layout from one of the proposed options, or come up with your own design.

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