Creative Essay-Tooth Disappeared

Tooth Disappeared

A prompt for a creative essay sample; this is where he disappeared and she realize she is alone.

She was sure this is where he had disappeared. It was a few weeks ago that Buster had just broken up with her. The break up happened in her clinic; she was a dentist. “Now he is back what a fool,” she thought to herself “he does not even remember that it was at this same spot where he disappeared after five years in a relationship. He will feel what is it like being without something you value!” her streams of thought had a plan. He came in with a toothache.

“I will attempt to be as expert and confine myself from my feelings as could be allowed” she let herself know. When she saw him lying there, she thought, ‘What a charlatan’ and chose to take every one of his teeth out, and she had a suitable arrangement for execution of her calling. In the wake of putting him to lay down with overwhelming measurements of soporific, the spurned dental specialist bolted the entryway and after that started pulling his teeth out one by one. After that, She wrapped his head and jaw in gauze to forestall him opening his mouth and let him know there had been intricacies, and he would need to see a specialist.
A toothless man believed that something wasn’t right since when he woke up, he couldn’t feel any teeth to add to that his jaw was strapped up with gauzes. She let him knowing his mouth was numb, and he wouldn’t have the capacity to feel anything for some time and that the gauze was there to secure the gums, yet that he would need to see an expert. He didn’t have any motivation to uncertainty her since he thought she was an expert. When he returned home he looked in the mirror all his tooth had disappeared. “That bitch purged my mouth!” he shouted.

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