Crime and Social Control in the United States


Term Paper Guidelines

The following are guidelines to help you organize and write a term paper on a topic of your choice related to Social Problems. There are numerous websites for term papers that you can use for help. These websites offer examples, formats, and additional guidelines to write a quality term paper.

  1. Choose a topic. Your topic must focus on one of the social problems that we discussed from your textbook. Discuss why you chose this topic?


  1. Review literature about the problem.
    1. What is the current situation?
    2. What makes the situation a social problem?
    3. Who is affected by this social problem?
    4. How serious is the problem?
    5. Is the social problem getting better or worse?


  1. What solutions are currently being used to address the problem?
    1. What solutions or ideas do you have to reduce or eliminate the problem?
    2. What resources are needed to help solve the problem?


  1. How is the problem related to our class?
    1. What sociological concepts, theories or ideas can be applied to the problem?


  1. Summary.
    1. Write a summary about the problem.
    2. What have you learned about the problem?