Unit V Project You are the owner of a small retail business whose employees interact with the public daily. You employ around 85 people, both fulltime and part-time. You are aware of various types of workplace violence, and you wish to be proactive and prevent it as much as possible. How would you evaluate your company for risks? Design a plan for the prevention of workplace violence. Your project paper should be a minimum of 1,200 words. Use information from at least one other reputable source in addition to your textbook. Use APA format for the paper as well as all source citations.
Unit VI Case Study This article review assignment requires that students go to the CSU Online Library, ProQuest Criminal Justice database, and read the article, “Tracking the CybercrimeTrail,” by Bryan Sartin, and answer the following questions: What problem was identified? What steps were taken to solve the problem?  Various stages of the investigation were focused on different goals. Briefly list and describe what these were as the investigation progressed and what strategies were employed.  Identifying and catching the criminal was not the only purpose for this investigation—what else needed to be done, and how was it to be accomplished?  What type(s) of cybercrime was/were involved in this article? Does the identified offender fit the characteristics for this type of cybercrime? NOTE: In order to access the article, type “CybercrimeTrail” as one word, if searching by article name. Your assignment should be a minimum of three pages long, and you should use APA formatting. And references used should be properly cited.

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