Critical response


Length: 1000 words minimum – 1150 words maximum
Value: 35% of the final grade
First Draft due: Monday, December 1
Final Draft due: Wednesday, December 10


In his article “Small Change”, Malcolm Gladwell argues that the changes brought about by the social media may give us access to more information, but do not promote “strategic and disciplined activity”; rather, they promote adaptability and resilience (12). He adds that the internet/social media make it easier for people to express themselves but harder for this expression to have any impact (Gladwell, 12).
Write an Extended Critical Response Essay in which you respond to Gladwell’s view of the role of the internet/ social media in our way of thinking and acting as members of communities today.
Apart from your background knowledge and your personal observations and experience, you will use 3-4 sources to support your response. In this way you will handle multiple points of view on the particular subject and present a logical and sound argumentative position of your own.

You may choose from the following list of sources:

Blyth, Catherine. “Facebook ‘friends’ are fine, but the more we chat the less we say”.                    The Independent. February 22, 2009.

Carr, Nicholas. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The Norton Reader, shorter 13th ed.,    New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2012.

Cooper, Paul M.M. “Our attention spans aren’t getting shorter, and that’s bad news for the short story”. June 3, 2014.

Our attention spans aren’t getting shorter, and that’s bad news for the short story

Gladwell, Malcolm. “Small Change”. The New Yorker.  October 4, 2010.

Naím, Moisés. “The YouTube Effect”. Foreign Policy. December 27, 2006

Naughton, John. “The internet: is it changing the way we think?” The Observer. August 15, 2010.

VIDEOS (TED speeches)

Shirky, Clay. “How social media can make history”.