Critical Thinking: Are these Students Cheating?


Critical Thinking: Are these Students Cheating?

You are the principal of a middle school. Two 7th grade girls are brought into your office by their teacher, who accuses the girls of cheating. Each student submitted an identical, typed report and claimed that it was her original work. There appears to be no one who can verify either story. Who, if either of them, is cheating?

•How would you go about determining who cheated and who did not….or if both did not cheat or if both cheated? What unstated premises are you relying on when conducting the investigation?

•You are now a prosecutor. You are about to deliver your closing argument to the jury regarding this case. The judge, who is old and crabby, says, “Counsel….I am old and don’t have much time. Don’t waste my time any longer. All you are allowed to provide the jury is an inductive or deductive syllogism that concludes with the proof that either one, or both, of the girls cheated. Now hurry it up!” What is your syllogism?

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