Cultural Group


Defining and understanding the elements of a group culture is essential to forging a professional identityeither online or in person. These elements are important because they reflect how professionals interact, whether online or in person.
In this Assignment you will write a descriptive report about the culture of a group of people, a company, or an organization based on background research and an interview of a professional person who is part of that culture.
Assignment Instructions
Part 1
Search using individual internet research and write a report that investigates a cultural group in your desired field. Describe what the group is like in your own words.
Part 2
Select and interview a professional person in your field of interest. Ask questions about this person’s group that will allow you to gain insights into aspects of the culture that he/she is a member of. Integrate the insights gained from the interview responses and your impressions into your written report.
Assignment Format
• Cover page that includes your name, course and section number, date, and the Assignment title.
• Five pages clearly typewritten in college-level American English text (3 pages background text, 2 pages describing what you learned from the interview).
• One reference page listing sources you discovered in your background research and used to support yourdescriptive writing in Part 1 (use APA citation).
• Attach your interview questions and notes as an appendix.

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