describe the accident of air France flight 447 and the legal system after the accident


Part1- describe the accident. This can    be fairly descriptive and should be about    400 – 500 words. Be careful to relate the accident in your own words, although you can refer to official reports.
Part2 – describe the legal system that    followed the accident. This is also descriptive    and should reflect your knowledge of the    law learned in    the course. You should discuss here what a prosecution might    mean to a pilot/operator or manufacturer in terms of good name’ or company survival. For instance if the    prosecution is    against    an engine manufacturer (eg: Rolls Royce) or a particular aircraft    (eg: Airbus) what would be the consequences    of being found    to be negligent    – maybe bankruptcy. Therefore would they want the verdict to be pilot error to protect their product? About 600 -700 words

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