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Individual Report..
You are to submit a structured written client report of approximately 2000 words with accompanying annotated sketches, drawings, floor plans etc.

Your client wishes to construct a 3 storey new build medical centre to accommodate 4 General Practitioners, 2 nurses and a practice pharmacist. You are to use the vacant plot identified in the integrated project on Matilda Street.
Your client requires advice as to the spatial requirements for the medical centre and also additional flexible space in the remaining parts of the building that could be used to generate additional income.
The building specified should be of traditional build. You will need to provide advice as to the exact construction form and materials used. These materials should be considered sustainable.
In order to complete this report it will be necessary for you to carry out research. For support, you can use the resources tab on blackboard. This includes:
A listing of books which may help.

Photos of modern construction.
You should also refer to the “New metric handbook”4th edition- planning and design data (a large red book) edited by David Littlefield. This is widely accepted as being the architect’s ‘bible’ when considering spatial requirements.

5.0 Assignment Marking Criteria.
Assessment Criteria:
The report marking will take into account the following factors:
Spatial / design requirements. You should produce sketch floor plans and elevations at a suitable scale which shows the spatial arrangement of the accommodation. You should give validated reasons as to why the accommodation has been so arranged and why you have chosen to adopt either 3 storeys of accommodation. The physical appearance of the building should be in accordance with local planning policy.

Construction details. You should provide outline details for the construction form that is to be adopted. This should include the roof structure, floor structure, wall structure and foundation design. You should also provide advice as to the method of cladding to be used for the roof and walls together with the choice of window and doors. Sketch details should be incorporated as appropriate.

Internally you will need to provide advice as to the recommended form of ceiling, wall and floor finish. You should provide brief details as to how the property will be heated. Throughout your report you are to demonstrate how your building is to be sustainable.

Structure & Presentation of Report: means of submission, style and layout, title page, sections/headings, introduction, conclusion, references1/ bibliography (10%)

Use of English: grammar, punctuation.

The report must be submitted both in hard copy to assignment management and electronically via blackboard before the deadline. Late assignments will be given a zero mark (see over).

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