Designing and Preparing to Implement an Evaluation


Using the text material from Russ-Eft and Preskill (2009) create a document reflecting an evaluation plan for a program of your choice that impacts learning, performance, and change interventions. You are instructed to utilize an imaginary workplace training program and follow-up evaluation regarding the program and learner outcomes for a population of 950 diverse employees. Please use the following information about the population: 50 employees are upper level managers, 150 are supervisors, and 750 are hourly workers. Refer to chapter 5 of Russ-Eft and Preskill (2009) for examples that will help you develop your imaginary scenario. I recommend that you carefully review chapters 3 and 5-12 as you develop your evaluation plan for a program that impacts learner performance. Please ensure that you address each of the following criteria shown below within a single-spaced document, including your cover page. Paper length for undergraduates is six to seven pages. When appropriate, cite scholarly sources to substantiate your writing. List each of the sources in a reference list at the end of the last text material in your paper.

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