Destruction Is a Form Of Creation


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Liam Johnston


Destruction Is a Form Of Creation:



 Thesis – Modern warfare created a need for new forms of propaganda , more sophisticated forms of espionage , and a rise in diplomacy, all of which were birthed from the pain and misery of armed  conflict.




The devastation and pain of war, the goals and tactics of battles past, and the staggering numbers of those who died are matters typically labeled as a model of destruction. However Graham Greene’s comment “Destruction, after all, is a form of creation” suggests otherwise. With the vast wake of  chaos left behind with war it is common belief that nothing new can come of it. With the advancements of Modern warfare a need for new forms of propaganda, more sophisticated forms of espionage, and a rise in diplomacy, were needed all of which were birthed from the pain and  misery of armed conflict.


  1. With the threat of another world war on the horizon countries scrambled for any edge  available, the influential power of propaganda was exploited as a result of this.
  2. Propaganda was used by the Allies to boost recruitment numbers,  fund the war effort, unifying the public behind the war effort, resource conservation, and factory production of war materials. Also  to create hatred against the Germans and Japanese.
  3. The Germans were experts at using Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels was assigned to head Nazi propaganda distributer. Hitler admired  Goebbels because though propaganda Goebbels was able to convince and unify the German people under Nazi ideologies. Propaganda was also used by the Nazi’s to boost population to create a greater population. They did so by offering status and money bonuses to children born.
  4. England had their own forms of propaganda too. Jessie Pope was an author who disguised propaganda in her poem Who’s for the game. Her poem created a false image of war and the glory achieved by joining the army. This is only one of the many literary forms of propaganda produced for the war effort.
  5.     There was a massive increase in technology following World War 2; with this new technology there was a constant fear of other countries becoming more advanced, the answer,  espionage
  6. There were two superpowers when it came to espionage, the OSS now CIA and the Russian KGB. Both sides were trying to steal secret files to gain information on either side.
  7. There were and are 3 main types of espionage, Electronic, Industrial. and Nuclear. During the cold war Nuclear espionage was at its highest  With the US creating and testing Nuclear weapons the KGB  were tasked with gathering top secret information on their nuclear program to speed up Russias program at the time.
  8. The CIA was tasked with protecting these nuclear secrets as well as  the United states as a whole. They carried out assassinations as well as training for allies during the cold war. Many of the CiA’s involvement are still classified


III.      It was agreed upon that there needed to be a way to unite the world and act as a government for counties that couldn’t govern themselves; the result of this was the united nations and  Diplomacy.


  1. The United Nations is the Largest international diplomatic As a result of war the United Nations was formed and it acts a global police force. With regards to with regard to issues of peace-making, trade, war, economics, culture, environment, and   human rights.
  2. Diplomacy is practice of conducting negotiations between  representatives of states and other countries.
  3. Arms-control treaties would be impossible without the power of reconnaissance satellites and agents to monitor compliance. Information gleaned from espionage is useful in almost all forms of diplomacy, everything from trade agreements to border disputes. embassies are bases for both diplomats and spies





Need is the mother of invention. In war time there are needs and from those needs come forth  corporations as well as inventions. Destruction is a form of creation, without destruction of the old there would never be a chance for the new to emerge. However ‘New’ isn’t always positive. Many forms of creation can be negative, such as diplomacy. there are many times when war and conflict break out as a result of diplomacy and sanctions. Society as a whole takes steps forward after any great form of destruction to create a better future for ourselves and the rest of society.

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