Disbuted usage of he. The problem of third person singular pronoun to use in refering to a singular noun antecedent that can apply to either sex.


Paper details 

1. Define the disputed usage
2. summarize and compare what three or more sources say about (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage must be one of them.)
3. Argue what you consider to be the best solution to the usage problem
4. 750-1000 words (approximately 3-4 typed double spaced pages with a separate works cited page.) 12 pointTimes New Roman font
5. Use MLA format with a header (Cropper 1) flush right 1/2 inch from the top
6. Heading should read: London Cropper English 312-01 Dorrill Usage Page and date.
7. Put the number of words in parentheses on the line following the last line of the paper

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