Domestic Violence Analysis



1. Select one of the following five paper topics for a 2-4 page double spaced paper (12 font):
A.  Analyze the music lyrics about relationships and violence within a specific music genre (i.e., pop, country, rap, jazz, folk, etc.)  OR

B.  Read the Old and New Testament of the Bible and identify examples of domestic violence (implicit or explicit).  Identify other examples of violence or intolerance and analyze the messages.  OR

C.  Observe who parents discipline theor children in a public place.  How frequently do parents use physical punishment to discipline their children?  For what situations?  Try to observe in different locations and see whether the setting, situation, and social class of the parents influences their public behavior.  OR

D.  Write to a television broadcasting company to either: a) complain about a  show that contributes to domestic violence problems; OR b) commend them for a show that helps society to deal with such problems.  OR

E.  Create a Public Awareness Campaign (PAC).  You have been presented the task of creating a PAC to address a form of domestic violence.  Assume you have a reasonable amount of funding to carry out your campaign on a national level.  What type of domestic violence would you focus on and why?


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