Domino’s in its quest for continued growth and expansion


Your challenge is to Domino’s in its quest for continued growth and expansion. its primary  growth  market here in the US is leveling off. How can help  Domino’s to

sustain and continue its growth on an International scale? With a look at the 3 or 4 countries you have chosen to target,
?    You will need to make strategic alliances- so, with whom will you make these alliances (be specific);
?     How will these alliances benefit or help Dominoes and what do these  partner(s) stand  to gain from the relationship or alliance with you?
?    Within your chosen country, you  will be choosing  specific site(s). What areas or cities or specificlocation(s) will you target and why?

?    What about differences in lifestyles and eating habits,  different  cuisines, taste and expectations-
?    what accommodations and/or  menu changes ,  must be made in order  adapt to  the differences stated in order  to assure Domino’s continued growth and

successful International  expansion?.

These are some of the questions you must consider as you develop and analyze your alternatives.