EBay Website Analysis


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Please identify a potential small business competitor to the type of e-commerce business you would like to develop as your group project. Perform and document the following analysis of the e-commerce business in a Harvard formatted paper. (My potential competitor is EBay website)</o:p>

After reading about e-commerce business models in the textbook, locate and select a small e-commerce company that might be a competitor to your group’s selected e-commerce Company. Visit its’ Website and review it for the following elements which you must then address in a Harvard formatted paper:</o:p>

· Identify the business, with its website address, and any information about the company’s management team and organizational structure.</o:p>

· Identify and discuss its business model(s). Tie what you see on the website to the theory in the text with Harvard formatted cites.</o:p>

· Identify and discuss its customer value proposition.</o:p>

· Identify and discuss its revenue model.</o:p>

· Identify and discuss its marketplace including its main competitors and what its market strategy appears to be.</o:p>

· Section headings are: The Company; Model(s); Customer Value Proposition; Revenue model(s); Marketplace, Competition and Strategies.</o:p>

Minimum number of words 500, referencing with Harvard style and the number of references not less than three Academic Articles or books. Please make sure that there is no Plagiarism</o:p>



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