EC industry revenues and profitability


EC industry revenues and profitability
This EC assignment is intended to help you develop your competitive industry research skills. You will be using a database available through the library, Hoover’s Online, to do your research. You must use Hoover’s for this assignment.

Step 1: Pick a company of interest to you. You may want to choose a company you’re interviewing or one in an industry of interest. I chose Alibaba Company (BABA) to analyze.

Click on the following link:

choose title and search “Hoover’s online” , click search. y , then click connect to resource online. It will show you the mergent homepage, choose continue.
Step 4: Type the name of your company in the Search box. (Alibaba NYSE is BABA) Select the corporate headquarters location for your firm.

• Step 5: Prepare a 1-2 page report for your firm that shows:

o Firm Name
o Industry description, industry revenues and profitability (Industry median is fine)
o List of 2-4 primary competitors in order of market share – largest to lowest based on the Hoover’s data.
o Financial data (annual): Sales, Sales growth, Net Income, Net Income growth and Stock quote
o A summary of a recent article about the firm
• Remember all of this information is readily available in the Hoover’s database.


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