Electric and Hybrid Cars


Objectives of the assignment:

• To understand alternative energy sources
• How the alternative energy sources are use in cars
• How alternative energy sources may affect technology
• To understand the energy transferred

Engineering students are required to produce a written report (minimum 1500 words) and a presentation to support their

work. This assignment aims to improve students’ knowledge and understanding of Electricity and Alternative Energy

Students are required to undertake research on one of the following topics:
• Group 1: Model Solar Cars
• Group 2: Solar Car Races
• Group 3: Electric and Hybrid Cars
• Group 4: Cars and Pollution

Students will be assessed based on the following:

1. Analysis and comparison of the technology used in each product;
2. Where solar cars and electrical cars get their electricity from?
3. How does electricity make the wheels of a solar car spin?
4. Why are batteries used in solar cars?
5. When a solar race car is driving fast, where does the energy from the solar panel get used?
6. How and why electric cars are not considered as environmental pollutant?
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of energy source?
8. What factors might prevent car makers from making cars with higher fuel efficiency and/or cars that use

alternative energy sources?
9. Discuss what events could cause car manufacturers to change the energy sources of their cars
10. Provide and explain your opinion regarding future product development.
11. Good report and presentation in terms Style, coherence, analysis and very good referencing.
12. You may support your presentation with model toy cars or experimental equipments…etc – BE CREATIVE –
All students will be required to hand in their report and present on the 20th May 2015 during Electricity and Field

lecture time.

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