Electromagnetic Waves and Light


 Show all work.


1) An antenna is connected to a car battery. Will the antenna emit electromagnetic radiation? Why or why not? Explain.


2) A light-year is a measure of distance (not time). How many meters does light travel in a year?


3) How long does it take a laser beam to travel to the Moon and back? Take the Earth Moon distance to 384,000 km.


4) A beam of light is incident on a plane mirror at an angle of 35o. If the mirror rotates through a small angle through what angle will the reflected ray rotate?


5) The speed of light in polythene is 1.99 x 108 m/s What is the index of refraction of polythene?


6) A beam of light with red and blue components of wavelengths 670 nm and 425 nm, respectively, strikes a slab of fused quartz at an incident angle of 30o. On refraction, the different components are separated by an angle of 0.001312 rad. If the index of refractions of the red light is 1.4925, what is the index of refraction of the blue light?


Problem 6 hint: You will need to convert 0.001312 rad to degrees using the fact 2 * pi radians = 360 degrees or 1 radian = 180 degrees/pi.


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