Electronic Commerce and Applications


Paper details 


 This is an individual assignment.

 Students must answer both questions (A) & (B)
 Each answer must be around 3-5 pages excluding references and appendices.

(A) Develop a list of privacy protection features that should be present if a Web site is serious about protecting privacy. Then, visit at least four well-known Web sites and examine their privacy policies. Write a report that rates each of the Web sites on the criteria you have developed.

B. During early days of e-commerce, first-mover advantage was touted as one way to success. On the other hand, some suggest that being a market follower can yield rewards as well. Which approach has proven to be more successful – first mover or follower? Choose two e-commerce companies that prove your point and prepare a 3-5 page report to explain your analysis and position.

Marking guideline:
Question A:
1. Introduction to privacy and privacy protection features (15%)
2. Developing a list of privacy protection features. (30%)
3. Comparisons of similar websites for privacy policies (30%)
4. Provide ratings to websites based on the list of privacy features (15%)
5. Conclusion – privacy and organization’s privacy policies (10%)

Question B:
1. Introduction to first mover and market follower (15%)
2. Explain about first mover and market follower with relevant examples (25%)
3. Justifications with relevant theories for market follower/ first mover (30%)
4. Analysis for two e-commerce companies (20%)
5. Conclusion (10%)


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