Essay sample The Ruins Apocalypse

Essay sample The Ruins Apocalypse

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The Ruins Apocalypse

I believe everyone has had of what has been happening in Syria. But apart from the loss of human life and loss of property very little is highlighted about the landmarks that have been sabotaged and destroyed by ISIS. There is very little discussion about these magnificent priceless sites of the world.

ISIS has terrorized the Syrian and Iraq peace for some time now many people have lost their live and properties as well. A few weeks ago I met two persons one has been in the forefront to conserve the landmarks in Syria so that they remain part of human history the other person was a volunteer who had traveled to Syria to help in the refugee camps. It was a day off for the Volunteer; he had a chance to visit one of the ruins. The conservative had been camping at the ruins since the beginning of the Syrian war just to try campaign against the destruction of the site.

The two had a long conversation about the heritage site. The history of the ruins how it was built the purpose of the place at the time, it was built that was a long time ago. The ruins acted as temples a holy place for worship the conservative explain. The sophisticated design and construction style that were used are still a wonder to date. Though the ruins were partially destroyed during the ISIS attacks the remnants speaks a lot of the human evolvements.

The conservative explained that the ruins were of great importance because they showcased important part of the history of humanity. They show that humans are an intelligent being which has experimented and developed a lot of technology over the course of history. The ruins also tell a lot about human beliefs and how religion is of importance to human society.

The volunteer was able to acknowledge that the sites are of importance and play a crucial role in humans they tell a lot not only from their beauty and great looks the history as well. He appreciated history and the ruins existence since he understood their importance.

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