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As the final assignment for this module, you are required to write a Marketing Plan for a new product/brand extension strategy for an existing Organic goods company. You should select a company from the Food industry. This plan should identify ways in which the company could be introduced to the UK market.

This assignment should be presented in a standard marketing plan format of between 2000 – 2500 words.

Marketing Plan Structure:

   Executive summary

   Situation analysis (PESTLE, SWOT)

   Segment – targeting & positioning (marketing intentions)

   Objectives (financial, marketing, societal)

   Marketing strategy (approach to providing value in order to achieve objectives)

   Marketing programs (describing actions to be implemented)

   Financial plans* (projected costs, revenue & sales forecasts, anticipated profits)

   Metrics & Implementation controls


* You do not need to write financial plans.

Module learning outcomes assessed in the Assignment 2:

Knowledge and understanding learning outcomes

• L1 To be able to debate module concepts and theories

• L2 To use the theory to conduct competently the analysis of contemporary marketing issues

Cognitive and critical learning outcomes

• L3 To be able to compare and contrast different theoretical frameworks in order to address practical business matters

• L4 To be able to develop independent lines of argument supported by evidence

• L5 To apply critical thinking in using theoretical knowledge and student’s own ideas

Transferable skills

• L7 Utilising modern technologies and electronic resources to obtain and analyse relevant data

Your writing should include references within your text with a full list of references at the end of your document using the Harvard referencing format.


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